Full “Handsome Mysteries” Tour list is up!!

“Handsome Mysteries” album cover artwork sneak preview and it’s looking pretty awesome!!

The artwork for “Handsome Mysteries” sneak preview!! Artist Douglas E. Egolf has made me another pretty cool work of art. Egolf did the art work for my album “Two Steps From The Road” and now he has help me with this album to. Check it out and check him out at http://www.facebook.com/degolf or http://projektegolf.webstarts.com/ he is a awesome artist!!!

NEW MUSIC!! Mathis Grey- “Dancer” off the “Handsome Mysteries” album (Full Song) Acoustic Version!!

Here we go!! The “Handsome Mysteries” tour is less than a month away and I promised new music for it. I will have a whole acoustic version of the new album “Handsome Mysteries” on the tour, it was just me, a mic, my guitar, pressed record and the rest is history. “Dancer” is the first track out the gate and I hope you enjoy. Remember come on out and see me on one of my stops on the tour. Also there will be a full band version of the CD coming out later this year so stay tuned in for more details!!

Interviews, Starry Skies & S’more Fundraiser, “Handsome Mysteries” tour and much more for October!!

A lot of awesome things coming up for the month of Oct!! A few interviews you don’t wanna miss, a big show on Oct 13th where I will be opening up for Singer/Songwriter “Brooke White” and the start of the “Handsome Mysteries” tour on Oct 15th 2012. New music maybe?????? Keep an eye out and make sure to spread the word about what I’m up to. Just want to say thanks for the support everyone and I shall keep on keepin on. “The Only Way Up Is The One We Make!” -Mathis Grey-