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Who wants to be one of the sponsors for the “Acoustic Nomad Tour” coming up in February?

4 months out and we’re already gearing up for a awesome tour in February called the “Acoustic Nomad Tour” 3 guys, one car, 8 cites from Fort Wayne IN all the way to Napa California!! This 2 week tour will be filled with tons of music, meet

 & greets with fans, tons of music for sale and tons of awesome sites on the way. To be a sponsor on this tour head to our official website and leave a message at the bottom of the page. This is gonna be a big tour and the shows are being booked fast so if you wanna be apart of this…act now cause spots will be filled fast for sponsors. Thanks for your support everyone!! -Mathis Grey, John Fellman & Patrick Woods-

Free music from Mathis Grey on….come and get it!!

People are grabbing their free tracks and so should you!! Just e-mail me at and leave a small message or no message at all and I will send you a code back for a free track off my “Two Steps From The Road” album….it’s that easy. So if you love free music then come and get it. Thanks for your support everyone!!! -Mathis Grey- 


Free music Saturday from Mathis Grey on!!!

Free music Saturday from Mathis Grey!! First 100 people to message me your e-mail will get a code for a free track today!! All you have to do is send me your e-mail and the free song is yours. This is the link to get your free download and I will also put this in your e-mail too. What are you waiting for…….come and gets some free tunes!!


Get “Handsome Mysteries” and “Two Steps From The Road” for a discounted price at today!!

From today until Oct 28th 2012 get the new album “Handsome Mysteries” acoustic version for only $5 and while your there checkout my “Two Steps From The Road” album!! Use the discount code: “arcee” for a huge discount on the cd “Two Steps From The Road” at checkout. Go check them both out and grab them!!

“Handsome Mysteries” album discount code valid till 12 am tonight!!

Getting a lot of great comments on the new “Handsome Mysteries” album……check it out and get a great discount!!

I shall give everyone the discount code for last show but it expires by tomorrow night so if you want to take advantage of it go to this link. It’s a great discount that takes off a good percentage at check out!!

The code is: starscream
Hope you enjoy the tunes!!
-Crush House Entertainment-

Mathis Grey, John Fellman and Patrick Woods on the road this February for the “Acoustic Nomad” tour!!


Check this out and mark your calendars!!

Acoustic Nomad Tour
acoustic nomad tour – Mathis Grey, John Fellman & Patrick Woods

Surprise!! “Handsome Mysteries” is out and ready for you to grab….ONLY $5 on Bandcamp!!

Surprise!! It’s a day early and you can grab it today!! Mathis Grey took a step back to his roots and made a acoustic album called “Handsome Mysteries”. It’s only him, a mic, and his great lyrics that grace this album, giving you a journey into the mind of this young singer-songwriter. If your looking for a great album…..look no further,this is the one for you. -Crush House Entertainment-

Special surprise tonight at 12 am…..stay tuned in!!

Gonna be some awesome news tonight….stay tuned in for more details!!