“Remix Mathis” contest has begun!!!

“Remix Mathis” contest
Here’s another awesome contest from Crush House Entertainment artist Mathis Grey!! Attention everyone local, regional, national and even international here’s your chance to take one of Mathis Grey’s awesome tracks off of his album “Two Steps From The Road” produced, recorded, mix and mastered by the great Tim Bushong at T.Bush Recording and make it something totally your own. This contest is to see who can make the best Remix of “There’s Only Me And You/A Hero’s Place”.

All you need to do is head to Soundcloud, download the track “There’s Only Me And You/A Hero’s Place”, remix it how you want, e-mail it back to us by Jan 7th 2013, Jan 14th we’ll pick the top 5 songs and then on Jan 31st 2013 while in New York at Mathis Grey’s show he will announce the winner of the contest. It’s easy!!!
Everyone who enters will get their track put on Mathis Grey’s Soundcloud page but the 1st place winner will get $100, their track on all Mathis Grey’s pages and given away at his shows, also a few gift certificates that will surly make you say WOW!! So what are you waiting for, go grab the track and get your remix on. -Crush House Entertainment-
Don’t forget to head to Mathis Grey’s Facebook page and press the like button…thanks for your support! 

e-mail all tracks in MP3 format to mathis1grey@yahoo.com

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