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Grab Mathis Grey’s song “Charleston” for free on Bandcamp!

Grab my track “Charleston” for free on Bandcamp. First 200 people can grab my song for free, so don’t wait..go and download it today! Follow the link below.





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“Two Steps From The Road” turns 3 years old this month and still going strong!!

My “Two Steps From The Road” album turns three years old this month and it’s still doing amazing. Last year my song “Shame” from the album was played on a episode of E!News Daily and my song “Daydreams” was played on a episode of the soap opera “One Life To Live” and that’s awesome!! Grab the cd for only $5 on Bandcamp…click the link below and download it today. Thanks for your support everyone, I really appreciate it!


Mathis Grey’s “Two Steps From The Road” album

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More great news for Mathis Grey in 2014!!!

Well the BMI 4th quarter numbers are out from last year and I have some awesome news. “Daydreams” my song off my “Two Steps From The Road” album was on the show “One Life To Live” last year and that’s awesome. Yet the really cool thing is that episode it was on, was watch over 500,000 plus times on Hulu and played in Canada &Mexico. I’m really happy and I just want to thank everyone for their support. Great things coming and I can’t wait to share them with everyone. -Mathis Grey-



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